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Welcome To Senbo Industries Limited.

Office Address

Contact Information

87, Lenin Sarani, Kolkata  700 013, 
West Bengal, India. 

Phone : (+91) (33) 2264-1395,

(33) 2217 - 8915/16, 
Fax     : (91) (33) 2265-9485 

E-Mail: Senboind@Gmail.Com 



List Of Important Documents:

       Outcome- Appointment Of Company Secretary & Resignation Of Director (21/12/2018)

       Corporate Governance Report For December 2018

       Outcome Of Board Meeting(14/11/2018)

       Reconciliation Of Share Capital Audit For Dec 2018

       Investor Complaints For December 2018

       Shareholding Pattern Dec 2018

       Submission Of Certificate Under Regulation 7(3) September 2018

       Submission Of Certificate Under Regulation 40(9) September 2018

       Intimation About Code Of Practices And Procedures For Fair Disclosures Of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information Pursuant To Sebi (Prohibition Of Insider Trading) (Ammendment) Regulations, 2018

       Appointment Of Chief Financial Officer(Outcome Of Board Meeting)

       Appointment Of Women Director(Outcome Of Board Meeting)

       Corporate Governance For March Quarter 2019

       Notice For Board Meeting March 2019

       Financial Result March 2019

       Closure Of Trading Window March 2019

       Reconciliation Of Share Capital Audit For March 2019

       Investor Complaints For March 2019

       Shareholding Pattern March 2019

       Submission Of Certificate Under Regulation 7(3) March 2019

       Submission Of Certificate Under Regulation 40(9) March 2019

       Outcome Of Board Meeting(30/05/2019)

       Yearly And Quarterly Financial Results For March, 2019

       Outcome Of Board Meeting(31/05/2019) Resignation Of Director

       Audited Financial Results

       Reg 24(A) Secretarial Compliance

       Board Meeting Intimation(23/05/2019)

         Format Of Initial Disclosures To Be Made By An Entity Identified As A Large Corporate

       Compliance Certificate Under Regulation 54(5)

       Disclosure Related Party Transactions Under Regulation 23(9)

         Compliance Certificate Under Regulation 74(5)

       Outcome Of Board Meeting-Appointment Of Woman Director

       Outcome Of Board Meeting (23/04/2019)

       Closure Of Trading Window(11/04/2019)

       Board Meeting Intimation (20/06/2019)

       Board Meeting Outcome (27/06/2019)

       Closure Of Trading Window (27/06/2019)


       Annual Report 2018-2019

       Book Closure Intimation

       Cover page

       Intimation of e-voting facilities

       Notice - AGM



       Proceedings of Annual General Meeting (31/07/2019)

       55A Share Capital Audit

       Regulation 13(3) Investor Complaints

       Regulation 74(5)

       Scrutinizer Report 18-19

       Corporate Governance

       Secretarial Report

       Shareholding Pattern


       Intimation of Board Meeting Readable